[blog] Django Reinhardt in the press (of his time)

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[blog] Django Reinhardt in the press (of his time)

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to draw your attention to this new blog I created a week ago (95 entries already!), solely dedicated to the appearances of Django Reinhardt in the press of his time (and a little after...)

:arrow: https://djangoreinhardtdanslapresse.wordpress.com/

I started gathering documents several months ago from the press archives of many countries: France, England, the United States, Algeria, Switzerland, Australia. As such, a lot of entries are in English. The goal of this work in progress is to get a better image of Django as he (both his music and himself) was perceived by the international press of his time. On this blog, you'll find things as diverse as concert and recording reviews, concert ads, obituary notices, some photos, and many more things (particularly links to some very interesting "revues", in French).

This work was inspired by the wonderful compilation of press articles Ted Cherrett put together several decades ago. If you have some articles you'd like to see featured on my blog, please send them my way and I'll be happy to mention your name in the post. If you have recommendations about papers, sources, archives, or any places where material might be found, I'm all ears too. Most of what I found I did online, but I did find some things on microfilm too.

Please take a look at the blog regularly, as I'll keep posting new elements!

[today, July 12]

I just posted 3 articles in English. The first one tells the story of how Babik gave Freddie Sharp the electric Gibson which Django used on his tour with Ellington:

https://djangoreinhardtdanslapresse.wor ... -nov-1967/

And here are two reviews of the concert at Carnegie Hall. Apparently Django could make his electric guitar sound exactly like a clarinet! (2nd article)

https://djangoreinhardtdanslapresse.wor ... -nov-1946/

https://djangoreinhardtdanslapresse.wor ... -nov-1946/

I also stumbled upon this picture of Marcel Cerdan in NYC, a few days before before his fight against Abrams. It helps you imagine Django walking nearby and running into him the night of the second concert at Carnegie... You know the end of the story... :roll:


Make sure you also read the review of the Chicago concert
https://djangoreinhardtdanslapresse.wor ... -nov-1946/

And the first Down Beat review of the Quintet's records (1936)
https://djangoreinhardtdanslapresse.wor ... -dec-1936/

Plenty more articles to be found here!
:arrow: :arrow: :arrow: https://djangoreinhardtdanslapresse.wordpress.com/

Thanks for your attention!
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