I just want to thank every one /Chord Melody

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I just want to thank every one /Chord Melody

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For the wonderful responses and aadvice concerning Gypsy guitar ..........One question at this moment I am studying the caged systm and chord melody ....I was just wondering would the study of Manoche and chord melody together compliment each other....????
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Post by Ricardo »

Yes , it won't hurt. As you are mainly using chord shapes to solo, you need to be able to move easily between these shapes on the fretboard. Remember to play approach notes also -eg use a note a semi tone below the one you are heading for to create tension. You can also bend notes a semi tone below, up to the tone you want. Don't worry about speed - just embellish the melody of the tune.
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Post by Djangoslefthandman »

The DjangoBooks site has the Unaccompanied Django book for sale.

The three Etudes which appear in the back of the book are great (playable & short). The first etude is from "Reverie" by Fapy, great tune, the second is something by Boulou. The third etude is by Angelo, his version of La Tzigane Vieux.

Michael has posted MP3s of the three Etudes on his site

Then of course there are the transcriptions of the Django solo pieces...
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