Shopping on line for a Gypsy Jaz Guitar..Some help Please...

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Shopping on line for a Gypsy Jaz Guitar..Some help Please...

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Hello Forum
Happy new year and once again than you for all the help and encouragment that I have been reccievein from the forum ....Since my last post ....things have not changed but ......Yesteday when I was practising I did riff , not as fast a Angelo but just as clear ...So I think somthing is starting to click............My question the forum is I have been shopping around on line for a gypsy jazz guitar and I have seen some serious prices ...but finally i found this brand of gypsy guitar called Cigano..they seem to be very reasonable in price, but at the same time "One gets what he or she pays for" I was just wondering if any one could give me the 411 on this brand of guitar here is some of the sites I have found it on.......... ... ........Or look up Saga Cigano guitars .........andy input on this potetial investment would be highly appreciated ..........
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Ciganos are good guitars for the money, especially the Oval hole. Just make sure it's a solid top one and not one of the cheaper laminated top ones.

I had one and only sold it to buy another guitar. I took it to Samois in 2008 and it got a great response from other players and a few makers.

Another one to consider for the money is the Thomann Harley Benton, this is idential to Dell Artes Hommage but a lot cheaper.

You can see it here

but bear in mind it is a bigger guitar and the neck is slightly thicker than the slimmer Cigano. On balance I would go for the Cigano
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I'm not sure what budget you are working with, but I got myself a Stagg JZ120 very recently - £169 from GAK uk - definately worth a look, i am very pleased with mine- tone, sustain, playability, the works
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