New gypsy jazz guitar

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New gypsy jazz guitar

Post by inasurepace »

So my question is straight up. I've been playing classical, electrical, electrical acoustic guitar for 12 years now and I want to fully enter the Gypsy Jazz world.

My doubt is what guitar to buy. I have an offer of a Gitane D 500 with a hardcase for 550€. The other one I'm considering, as an entry level guitar, is a Cigano GJ 10, which will be for more or less the same. 550€..

What I ask you is if the neck length is noticeable in the different models, the petit bouche and the grand bouche and if that offer for the Gitane is worth it!

With my best regards to all the gypsy players around here
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Re: New gypsy jazz guitar

Post by sam.spoons »

The Gitane sounds like a fair price and is a much better sounding instrument than the Cigano (much better finished too) so will last you longer. Many pro GJ players play Gitanes. I wouldn't worry too much about the scale length or the petit bouche/grand bouche thing, received wisdom is that the petit bough/long scale is for lead and the grand bouche/short scale is for rhythm but there are many rhythm players using PB/LS guitars and lead players with GB/SS (Joscho Stephane and his father for instance).

I play both rhythm and lead guitar on a Petit Bouche, Long Scale guitar but I can also get a passable GJ sound out of my 24" scale carbon fibre Emerald X7 Artisan (a sort of modern take on the parlour guitar I bought for it's small size) if pressed.

Most important, whatever guitar you choose, buy a good Gypsy pick (I use Wegen Gypsy Jazz Picks) and always use the correct Gypsy Jazz strings (most players use Argentines), they both make a huge difference to sound and playability.
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