Gallato RS 1939 A. D. Signature - which one should I buy?

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Gallato RS 1939 A. D. Signature - which one should I buy?

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I'm new to this forum and relatively new in playing Swing/Jazz Manouche.
And I really enjoy playing this style of music, so I am looking for new "Gypsy Guitar".

My Guitar Teacher is playing a "Gallato RS 1939 Angelo Debarre Signature" Guitar with D-Hole and sometimes I try it in the lessons - great guitar, I think. Great sound and and very nice "feeling".
Now I am planning to buy one, but there are two models of this guitar available - the D-hole version made of maple and a O-hole version made of rosewood.
My teacher assumes that the O-hole version will maybe sound a bit "dryer", but he is not sure, because he never played one.

So I am not sure, which one to buy. I want the guitar for both, rhythm and melody.
Maybe you can give me some tips in how both guitar differ from each other? Maybe some of you know both?
Is there only a difference in the soundhole and the wood? And how will this differences affect playing and sound?
Or are there more diffenreces, maybe in the fingerboard or something else?

And one more question: I prefere the optics from the O-hole-model. :D But am I right, that rosewood is an endangered wood? If so, I do not really like to buy such guitar.

Thank you very much and best regards!

P.S. Sorry for my bad english, I am not a native speaker
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