Gypsy Aurelien Bouly guitar workshop sun day 20 May 2018

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Gypsy Aurelien Bouly guitar workshop sun day 20 May 2018

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Aurelien Bouly has travelled the World as a musician playing his style of Swing Jazz Manouche. We are proud to have him here at Le QuecumBar because it will be another chance to learn from one of the WORLD’S FINEST Gypsy players. All standards are welcome:
Solo and Rhythm guitar.
The workshop will start at 11am till 4pm and he will be teaching the technic of the authentic Gypsy Style.

Concerts Sun/Mon 20/21 May
£15 Sun £13 Mon
Aurelien Bouly concerts
Gypsy Swing hot and steamy!
What happens when you take a Parisian top Gypsy, guitarist, Aurélien Bouly, add a rhythm player from Leicester, Tim Ellis, then throw in a world-class English Clarinetist Ewan Bleach, Violin Player Noreen Cullen better known as half of Stephane Graffiti, mixed with Mr double-bass Jonny Gee?
A cocktail of musical passion and fire!
A wall of Gypsy Swing pumping rhythms, hot and sweet, add seductive clarinet overtones and stomping bass.
The natural synergy and companionship, the joining of friends live on stage creating musical magic that will make your heart soar and warm your soul, they will hike the temperature with swinging, hot, steamy solos, genius improvisations and mind blowing rhythms whilst having fun doing what they love ... Nostalgic swinging Gypsy roots and up to date musical flavours.
Line Up
Aurelien Bouly – Lead Guitar
Tim Ellis – Rhythm Guitar
Ewan Bleach – Clarinet (Monday 21st)
Noreen Cullen – Violin (Sunday 20th)
Johnny Gee – Double Bass
Thanks to all our Patrons and regular musicians
Keep live music Live
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