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Postby Caballero » Fri Apr 08, 2005 9:52 pm

Tony Shapiro ,guitarist and raconteur , based in Brighton died on April 6th from a massive coronary on his boat where he had lived for many years now. He'd just finished a gig and had complained of chest pains, when he got home he phoned for an ambulance but was dead before it arrived. He was in his late fifties and still living the life, playing , drinking , smoking and having fun. In his life he played professionally all over the world with big ol' names such as Frank Sinatra and not so big such as Joseph Reinhardt . He was a jazzer and played an L5, he also owned a Le Voi. He knew every motherfucking tune under the sun and could transpose instantly. Everyone on the Brighton scene that knew Tony, is gutted by the news. He has two grown-up children. I also just dicovered that his Parents are both still alive and functioning at 98.
My fondest memory of the man was back in '98 ONE day after my son was born, he was the only dude willing to give me a lift to Samois( I was a cold bastard back then) . We stayed up all night jamming, drinking and doobing . He was with me when I walked onto the campsite to an onslaught of Boos from everyone I knew and others I didn't.
I'm gutted he went early, but then...we all gotta go AND he did get a gig in and wasn't buggered and dribbling. Sad stuff. :cry:
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