Ted Greene

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Ted Greene

Postby Gadjo » Wed Jul 27, 2005 8:35 am

I have just heard that Ted Greene has passed away in LA. More as I find out.
His Chord books started it for me.
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Postby bricktop » Wed Jul 27, 2005 8:39 am

Hi Andy
What a shame. He was a virtuoso of the guitar, I still use some of his chord progressions as intro's to a lot of what i play.

"Say bonjour to Django, Ted"

Alors! Un, Deux, Cinq...er Trois!
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Postby Thrip » Wed Jul 27, 2005 9:01 am

His "Chord Chemistry" and "Single Note Soloing Vols I & II" were, are, great books, and started me out also. I don't think there are many recordings of him, a shame.
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Postby Gadjo » Thu Jul 28, 2005 10:01 am

Here's an update on Ted Greene's passing from guitarist, Dan Sawyer:

"Ted Greene passed away last weekend at his apartment in Encino,
California. The time of death is uncertain, but was probably Saturday
night. Ted was 58 years old.

Ted taught his normal lessons on Friday and seemed in great spirits by
those students who saw him that day.. There was no indication of any
illness. As far as we know, the last person to see him alive was on
Saturday afternoon. Some of Ted's students had wondered why he wasn't
answering the phone. They asked one of the tenants to talk to the
apartment manager who opened the door on Monday morning. The coroner did
an examination and an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. This will
determine the exact cause of death. An autopsy is required by law when
someone dies alone. They are guessing the cause of death was a heart
attack. Ted's family has been notified and will be making arrangements.

This is huge loss to all of us. Ted Greene was an amazing human being
and musical artist who touched many lives with his genius. As a
guitarist he was legendary and as a friend he was gold. Ted was
extremely talented in many areas but dedicated most of his life to
teaching the guitar and helping others."

Leon White, who knew him for 30+ years. Dan Sawyer
& Adam Tyler have set up a Ted Greene Tribute Page here to co-ordinate
friends comments and memorial:


Very sad news.
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Postby O.K. YAR » Sun Jul 31, 2005 6:49 am

I am deeply sadenned by the loss of a great teacher of Jazz guitar. His books helped me go some way to understanding this complex subject (still haven't sussed it tho). R.I.P. Ted
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