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David Hodson

Postby stevep21 » Wed Mar 07, 2007 2:05 pm

I wanted to add the voices of many members of the tenor guitar fraternity to express sincere condolences about David's sudden passing to the wonderful messages here. I am involved with running http://www.tenorguitar.com and an associated Tenor Guitar Registry discussion forum. Many members of this forum own Selmer Maccaferri-style four string guitars, made by David - mainly the Eddie Freeman Special and the Tenor versions. They have reported that they were very impressed with them, as well as noting that David was excellent to deal with when he was building their guitars and that he did everything possible to ensure that their requirements were met. He even sent me progress photos of a six string Selmer Maccaferri style guitar he was building for me! As a more lasting contribution, David has almost single handedly renewed significant interest in the Selmer Maccaferri Eddie Freeman Special, a fascinating four string guitar model that was sadly neglected when it was first produced in the 1930s. He recently acquired his own original 1930s Eddie Freeman Special which he felt would help him to continue to improve his version of this instrument, which makes his passing that much sadder. He told me that it had even inspired him to learn to play it so he could perform in public. It seems unlikely that this interest in the EFS will continue to be encouraged in David's absence. I was always very happy to recommend David's wonderful instruments in response to the many enquiries that we received through the tenor guitar web site and the TG discussion forum. I hope we have all played some part in encouraging David to continue building his four string/course models. I am still in a state of shock over his death and I now know from many postings that I have read that he will be sorely missed by the many folks in the guitar and mandolin communities who appreciated his high quality instruments that were always such excellent value for money. I will now treasure the three David Hodson guitars I own for the rest of my life.
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Postby Royaljazz » Sun Mar 11, 2007 10:47 pm

Sad new indeed, as a fellow Luthier of Gypsy Jazz Guitars, I would often meet up with David at Samois to swop ideas and chat about our ways of working, David would always offer useful advice, (problem customers, new tools) and show a true interest as to what other builders were doing.
A great loss to the Gypsy Jazz community, as well as to the Luthier community.
David will be sadly missed.

Roy Eneas
Royal Gypsy Jazz Guitars
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sad loss

Postby quecumbar » Sun Aug 19, 2007 3:28 pm

love to his family a man of talent and feeling
Thanks to all our Patrons and regular musicians
Keep live music Live
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Postby chandler_lewis » Wed Dec 12, 2007 1:16 am

Been out of the loop for a while so I have only just heard. I met David when he delivered my guitar, personally, to my house. That's service for you! It's sad that he's gone.

He was a delightful person and we had a good chat for a couple of hours while I strangled a tune or two out of the beautiful hand-made instrument he had brought for me.

He told me a few great stories of the famous guitarists he had met at Samois, and of his friendship with Hank Marvin who had commisioned 2 or 3 guitars and visited his workshop many times and even stayed to dinner!

He was a down-to-earth bloke. I remember that David had a rather wonderful "everbody pays" approach. It didn't matter who you were or how famous you were - if you wanted one of his guitars you had to pay his asking price! (which was usually much less than you would expect anyway).

I recall one story he told me about a gypsy guitarist at Samois (Lollo Meier, I think) who borrowed one of his guitars for an hour or two, then announced, "This guitar has no dead spots!" Then, David told me he said something that "completely blew me away". He said, "How much is it?"

Well, David explained, famous gypsy guitarists NEVER ask how much it costs because generally, if they like the guitar, they want you to give it to them! Naturally, this wouldn't have met with David's policy on freebies or "deals" so he left Samois that year a little richer and feeling pretty chuffed!

He'll be missed.
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