Furch La Gitane GiE SR 52 (1 year old)

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Furch La Gitane GiE SR 52 (1 year old)

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Hi Folks,

my name is Paul, I live in Germany in a small City called Bad Langensalza and I'd like to find a new host for my beautiful Furch La Gitane.

This guitar is hand made by the czech luthier Francesco Furch. It has a very high quality of workmanship. I choosed this guitar over cheaper Gitane-models because of its warmer tone, its playability and its sheer beauty. Compared to nearly all asian models which have this banjo-type sound and are with obvious lacks in craftmanship.
Jürgen Volkert optimized this guitar, cuz it has some crazy construction with the strap-holder. Originaly it came with a red inlet. I put in a blue one, and I also will give green piece of sleaze to fit the new owners taste.

See my flickr-link to the photographs: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fahdpaulo/

Condition of guitar: nearly mint, there is one small spot of damaged lack/finish. And the ebony-wood-inlay has a small fracture. Could be changed with a custom piece.
Please refer the images.
Selling price: 1899,- EUR (NEW: 2199,- EUR, I bought it in July 2011)
Contact me: paul-snyder@gmx.de

Cheers :D
See the gallery for all pictures.
See the gallery for all pictures.
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