Manouche modele Jazz or Dupont Nomade

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Manouche modele Jazz or Dupont Nomade

Postby Swing 69 » Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:35 pm

I've just sold the gibson in the classifieds and I've around a grand to spend on a GJ guitar.

Ok I've read great things about manouche guitars but I've also heard good things about the nomade.
Manouche is (less the walnut neck) almost identical to the originals etc.

Nomade, different woods, cheaper accessories (which doesn't bother me BTW) BOLT ON neck!!! eek. BUT HAND BUILT!
All i really care about is the sound, feel and playability of the thing.(I'll knock the living daylights out it anyway!!)
My father in law has built a good few GJ guitars now and He's been over to Cognac and seen these guitars being built. He says... "if you're gonna buy anything, get a Dupont".
So now I'm toiling, I was kinda set for the Manouche!

I know everyone's gonna come back with "try before you buy, every guitar's different". I know, in an ideal world i would and it's great if you can. I live in Scotland and at a push could maybe make it down to Cheltenham, to try a few manouche, (I'd like a look at the 14 fret D hole too) getting to France,however, would eat into the budget and after phoning customs I'll have, well the new and ever so exciting tax rate of 15% + 3.2% of total value on top to contend with anyway. so the Dupont would probably be a suck it and see.

Anyone played both these guitars??
What's the neck, neck angle like on the dupont, anyone own one??
Really looking for the comparison as opposed to your dearly loved possibly slightly biased opinions.

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