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Postby ewino » Mon Nov 16, 2009 8:54 pm

Hi all .I am new to the forum so hello.

I own a gitane 250-m and have done so for some ten months.

I am only three years into the gypsy style and feel i am doing well ,the thing is, although the tone and volume of my gitane is of good quality , when i play up towards the neck the guitar plays very well, but play towards the body and the guitar starts to echo and ring almost like i am missing strings (i am not). my articulation is not to bad but the sound deteriorates as i progress towards the body .
I have been advised that the gitanes ASIAN guitars are famous for this ringing and it come with the cheapness of the guitars .I am interested in the della art guitars but have been told these are asian built also ??
I am looking for crispness and good tone and volume that is consistent up and down the whole neck .Any advice welcome .P.S.
Serge gallato guitars are nice but i believe the components on the guitars are imported from asia .??


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