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Re: D.J. Hodson Model 503DSE Proto Type 100

Postby Eb9 » Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:20 am


I purchased this guitar some two years ago and the vendor mentioned some connection between the guitar and Babik Reinhardt.

On plugging it in the other day there was no sound, so I took out a screwdriver to have a look inside the three panels on the back and noticed there was a 9 volt battery fitted under the rectangular panel beneath the bridge; on replacing the battery and then the panel I noticed the D.J. Hodson label.

The guitar came with the photo of Babik (see attached photo), playing this type of Hodson, can anyone shed anymore light on this guitar and the Babik connection?

503DSE - 6.jpg

503DSE - 4.jpg

503DSE - 3.jpg

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