Valse Manouche questions

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Valse Manouche questions

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Some questions about this old tune

- Who composed it?
- Why Matelo called it "Choti"?
- Who played the original recording? (I know we have already speaked about this but there are too many strange things around this song and i have no money to pay a 007 :D ).
- If is Baro playing, who is on piano?
- If is Django playing, who is on piano?
- Why the song is attributed to Django and he never recorded it (if it's true)? If you look at the "unduscovered inedits" book, at the french "guitar magazine" tab by Romane and D.Sebastian and other various sources the song is considered composed and played by Django.
- Why this song is in an "integrale Django Reinhardt" cd? I'm not sure of this cause i have not the disc.
I hope in your interest about this post.
Bye to all
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