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Sweet and Lowdown
The homage to the Django phenomenon by Woody Allen.
The character of Emett Ray, played by Sean Penn, who rates himself as the second best guitar player in the world and a self proclaimed genius . Don't watch Seans fingers while he plays, just soak up the great music with a great story to boot. Must have DVD.

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CD: Czárdás: Hungarian Gypsy Music



Video: Latcho Drom. Winner at Cannes film festival.

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CD "Latcho Drom" This soundtrack from the stunning film Latcho Drom is a first-class introduction to the story of Gypsy music and culture. Tracing a chronological 1,000-year-old path of Gypsy migration from Rajasthan to Spain, these 18 tracks contain a myriad of different styles from the Indian subcontinent, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France, and the flamenco Gypsies of Barcelona. Many well-respected acts like Taraf de Haidouks and Hasam Yarim are featured as well as many unknown but extremely talented Gypsy artists.
Whereas the film paints a picture of a struggling society, the collected music illustrates the resilience of these outcastes, with the majority of tracks being effervescent dance music echoing many cultures. There are reflections of tragedy and sadness, notably from Romania, but these are more than balanced by rocking Balkan block parties, Turkish cabaret, and French guitarists Dorado and Tchavolo Schmitt swinging as hard as Django Reinhardt. --Derek Rath

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Django Reinhardt by Charles Delaunay

"Django Reinhardt". The definitive biography written by one of Django's greatest friends, Charles Delaunay. Written after Djangos death Delaunay gives us an insight into mind of Django and what made him the man he was. A gambler, womaniser, superb billiards player, and the greatest exponent of the Gypsy Jazz guitar that ever lived. Along with anecdotes from Stephan Grappelli and others that knew him we get under the skin of this remarkable man. Essential reading.
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Django a Jazz tribute. Django Reinhardt's melodic and harmonic ideas, solo style and general technique have been recycled, absorbed and spread by generations of jazz and blues guitarists. This tribute to Europe's first jazz master is a blistering set of duets performed by groundbreaking Gypsy guitarist Bireli Lagrene and Django's son, Babik. Includes Django's composition "Nuages." NTSC US Format only


Compiled by Ian Cruikshank Django's Gypsies is a book in which we see the lives of the contemporary gypsies of today. Also featured are some of the paintings that Django created during the last years of his life.



The good old Django Legacy - no longer available in PAL UK format - has been responsible for a lot of people being tuned onto the Gypsy Jazz scene. First aired in the UK on channel 4 in the early eighties it essentially shows the background of the Django Reinhardt festival at Samois sur Seine in France with clips from all over Europe showing the upcoming stars, Jimmy Rosenberg, Stocholo Rosenberg, Gary Potter and Serge Kreif. NTSC US Format only.


CD: Oscar Aleman was a brilliant guitarist that was overshadowed at the time by the indomitable Django. They played together on several occasions but no recordings were ever made. He used to fill in for Django at Paris gigs when Django failed to show up to great praise. Do yourself a favor and trust me on this one, if you've never heard Oscar play you've missed out big time.

CD: JSP are renowned for the quality of their reissues and this is no exception. For the price of a double CD you get a full 5 CD set with a barrel full of pre war recordings. Essential for the MUST HAVE Django nut.




How to build a Bow Top Gypsy Caravan.
Exactly what is says on the cover.