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Intégrale Django Reinhardt Vol 11

"Swing 42" (1940-1942)

Integrale Django Vol 11 - Swing 42

This is the eleventh in a new series released on the French label Fremaux.
This series under the direction of Daniel Nevers will become the definitive Django collection, incorporating many rare and previously unreleased tracks, including radio performances and out takes.

This Double Cd also comes with a 40 page booklet in English and French containing many interesting photos. If your seriously interested in Django or are looking for a particular track this is the series for you.

From the liner notes by Daniel Nevers

Before venturing back into troubled times, we would like to share some updated news on Jacotte Perrier who opened the 1938 vintage of the Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli recording season when they accompanied her with Salades de L'Oncle Francois and Ric at Pussy (see Volume 7). As she recently confided, her childish voice was indeed due the fact that she was only thirteen at the time ! This extremely rare record was sold more in Quebec than in France, which led us to wonder about the singer's nationality. We now have the certitude that Marie-Jacques Perrier (as she is truly known) was from the Parisian district of Montmartre, where she still lives to this day. Her hospitable parents knew many people and often opened their doors to friends who included Jean Tranchant, Stephane Grappelli (a neighbour), Django (an occasional neighbour), Joseph and Michel Warlop. This privileged entourage explains how she came to perform in such prestigious company and she played many roles on commercial radio stations. We would like to apologise to Marie Jacques for all previous contusion regarding her identity.

When Django's opening bars of this eleventh volume sounded in late 1940, Marie-Jacques Perrier bad left the capital for the provinces, and thus avoided direct contact with occupied radio stations. As it happened, few stations had resumed their broadcasting activities after the events of spring 1941 and the recording studios had largely reduced their workload despite the musical surge at the end of the year. Paradoxically enough, during the first couple of occupied years, France emphasised the promotion of its cultural and artistic patrimony and a general nationalistic 'back to the earth' feeling was maintained. As far as music was concerned (and this was with German consent) both old and new works were issued or recycled. One of the most enterprising projects was the first unabridged recording of Debussy's 1904 opera Pelleas at Melissande. However, the modified regime naturally entailed a different approach in producing popular music of quality. The Germans first consented to an 'original' form of European jazz as long as it was distinguishable from the American model but then in 1942 everything changed, including jazz, and the promotion of all French music was brought back into perspective...........

  • Trio de Saxophones Alix Combelle (1940)
  • 1-Cascades
  • 2-Reflets
  • 3-Onze Heures Vingt
  • 4-Sur les Bords le L'Alamo
  • Django's Music
  • 5-Les Yeux Nois
  • 6-Begin the Beguine
  • 7-Swinging the Blues
  • 8-Petite Lili
  • 9-Ninouche
  • Festival Swing (1940)
  • Festival Swing
  • Django's Music (1940)
  • 11-Stockholm
  • Charles Trenet & le Quintette du H.C.F (1941)
  • 12-La Cigale et la Fourmi
  • Andre Ekyan -Solo Saxophones (1941)
  • 13-Hungaria
  • 14-Out of Nowhere
  • QHCDF (1941)
  • 15-Dinette
  • 16-Crépescule
  • 17-Swing 42
  • Festival Swing (1941)
  • 18-Festival Swing 1942 Parts 1 and 2
  • Hubert Rostaing et son Orchestre (1942)
  • 19-Premiere idée D'Eddie
  • Django's Music (1942)
  • 1-Nympheas
  • 2-Féerie
  • Django & QHCDF (1942)
  • 3-Belleville (version 1)
  • 4-Lentement Mademoiselle
  • Django Reinhardt et Ivon de Bie (1942)
  • 5-Vous et Moi
  • 6-Distraction
  • 7-Blues et Mineur
  • 8-Studio 24
  • Django and Fud Candrix et son orchestre (1942)
  • 9-Place de Brouckêre
  • 10-Seul ce Soir
  • 11-Mixture
  • 12-Bei dir war es Immer so Schön
  • Django and Stan Brenders et son Orchedtre (1942)
  • 13-Divine Biguine
  • 14-Nuages
  • 15-Djangologie
  • 16-Éclats de Cuivre
  • 17-Django rag
  • 18-Dynamisme
  • 19-Tons D'Ébène
  • 20-Chez Mois À Six Heurs

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