Samois sur Seine

Samois sur Seine is the final resting place of Django Reinhardt. He is buried along with his brother Joseph in the cemetery just outside the town centre.

He moved here to escape the pressure of the music business and devoted his artistic talents to painting, a nicer place to paint would be hard to find, and his leisure time fishing.

The Gypsy community started to gather here in June every year to commemorate his parting with a small festival. This however was taken over by the town council and has now grown into one of the leading Django Festivals.

The festival is usually held at the end of June with an open air stage erected on a small island on the river Seine. Here can be seen Jazz musicians from all over the world playing different styles. The atmosphere is friendly and as God is a Jazz lover it never rains.

On the main campsite you will find plenty of budding Django style musicians at all levels of playing and a multitude of instruments. The most exciting music however can be found on the Gypsy campsites usually late at night. Here can be heard true Gypsy Jazz in all it's forms with World famous Gypsy musicians playing for a tune or two or a complete set played all night. Last year (95) I was walking through he thoroughfare past Chez Fernand (a restaurant and bar where Django used to drink) and came across Bireli Lagrene playing a borrowed violin like it was his main instrument. In 94 young Jimmy Rosenberg was to be found jamming with Babik Reinhardt in the same bar. It doesn't get much better than that.

So get your butts in gear and I'll see you there

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