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Open message to all users of Hot club forum

Post by rimmm »

Just a quick one everyone but I feel its time to finally raise the thorny subject of Payne again. As he has recently posted a frankly disgusting message about bombings in Ireland I think we can all safely say that its time that he was kicked off this site as try as I may I can't see how any of his recent posts are relevant to this forum. Between threats, racism and general ignorance he seems to have covered almost all bases by this stage and I for one feel that enough's enough. Freedom of speech is where its at as far as i'm concerned, and I have recently tried to see the funny side to his posts but continually attacking a forums users for no reason at all amounts to the worst form of bullying there is (ie) he cannot be held responsible for his actions . The man is obviously a coward and will continue to aim his barbed comments at all users of the site at some stage. Sorry to put such a downer on things, and as I said, I am all for a bit of a laugh but surely its time to finish this. i will post any P.M's that I receive from this character in future just to let you see what I am talking about.

Many thanks for listening and again, sorry to be all doom and gloom.

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Re: Open message to all users of Hot club forum

Post by neill »

Its not doom and gloom, I sometimes laugh at some of the inane stuff he or she puts on here - but what he wrote on the last one was beyond the pale - I'm not often moved to comment much but that is deep deep shit that's being said, and we are here to share our love for music, NOT to insult nations with difficult and complicated history which has hurt A LOT of people. COME ON!! this is music we're talking about.
I'm with you on this Rimmm.
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