Blues en Mineur 25-8-1947 ?

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Blues en Mineur 25-8-1947 ?

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Just recently I dug up my old database that entails all the recordings of my LP's, CD's and some cassettes (if you click on a number on a (filtered) list it plays the song). The database makes it possible to easy compare e.g. the same song played on different days, but also different recordingsessions. Since I always loved the many recordings made in 1947 (my database includes 92 different recordings from that year) I listened recently to the different recordingsessions and one of the records that puzzles me (again) is Blues en Mineur which at least on one of my old LP's 'is listed as recorded on 25 August 1947. However listening closely to the other six records that are supposed to be made that day, it seems Blues en Mineur sounds quite different and is the only record on which the guitar sounds electrically amplified (or maybe it was an electric guitar after all). Some days later i.e. in 29 August 1947 my database mentions 5 records and their sound is quite identical to the Blues en Mineur recording i.e. they are all played with an electrically amplified guitar. Can some fellow members here shed some light on these August 1947 recordingsessions.
B.t.w. the clarinet on this Blues en Mineur record is played by Maurice Meunier; he seems to play on all the 12 August recordings that my database mentions.

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