Mozes Rosenberg Quartet Live in London - 26 July 2019

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Mozes Rosenberg Quartet Live in London - 26 July 2019

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Mozes Rosenberg Quartet feat. Giacomo Smith Live in London at Toulouse Lautrec Venue - 26 July 2019

Door: 7pm
Show: 8 – 10:30pm

Early Bird Tickets from £20
£28 On the Door

Please call 020 7582 6800 or Book Online

Performing in London for one night only. Guitar wizard and latest in line from the renowned dynasty of Gypsy guitarists we welcome Gypsy Jazz royalty
Mozes Rosenberg.

Based in Holland Mozes is one of the most phenomenal acoustic musicians playing on the international scene today.
The quartet features Italian-American clarinettist Giacomo Smith, Italian guitarist Filippo Dall'Asta on rhythm guitar and UK double bassist David Miles.

The Rosenberg family, including older brother and renowned gypsy jazz guitarist Stochelo, has become known globally as the ‘first family’ in gypsy jazz and is in constant demand at festivals and concert halls the world over.

Mozes grew up around some of the greatest gypsy jazz players in the world. Like many Gypsies, he started playing guitar at an early age. He’s recorded with Stochelo and Jimmy Rosenberg, and worked with Paco de Lucia and Joe Zawinul to name but a few. Mozes is a sensitive, all-round player who has that undeniable Rosenberg touch.

At 36 Mozes Rosenberg already has 20 years’ experience and he is one of Gypsy Swing guitar’s newest gems. A brilliant heir to the Dutch informal ‘Gypsy guitar academy’, Mozes has achieved the development of his own voice despite the obvious connection to Stochelo Rosenberg’s legacy. A master of every modern guitar player’s skills (arpeggio, chord, and single note playing), Mozes illustrates himself with long, floating and sharp choruses, sometimes acrobatic, always remarkably formed and musical. If he occasionally blows proper musical torpedoes, he also knows that poetry lies in gentleness.”

A concert not to be missed!

"One of the most phenomenal acoustic musicians playing on the international scene today."
Brecon Jazz

"The crème de la crème of Gypsy jazz."
Worcester Huntingdon Hall

Mozes Rosenberg – Lead Guitar
Giacomo Smith – Clarinet
Filippo Dall’Asta – Rhythm Guitar
David Miles – Double Bass
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Re: Mozes Rosenberg Quartet Live in London - 26 July 2019

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Although this was last year - I am still deeply saddened when small independant venues are in such peril, that the only venue I know that gives 100% of the ticket money and the only dedicated Gypsy Swing venue who supports such musicians all year round and has done for 17 years at my personal cost - and when other venues did not consider Gypsy Swing proper Jazz and would not book Gypsies .... that we were bypassed for hosting this concert - that includes musicans who have been hosted here regularly for years - and especially as Stochelo - Moses brother, is our long time Le Q Patron.

For those of you who do not know - Le QuecumBar was the first and only dedicated Gypsy Swing venue - A French style music venue of the Django era and a brasserie and wine bar since 2003 and not "Toulouse Lautrec" as they are unashamedly falsley claim in their publicity, for whatever reason.

Le QuecumBar took the risk of funding and raising funds to host the first ever Gypsy Swng festival in London in 2010 to celebrate Djangos 100th Birthday - 9 days of concerts with 35 musicians from 5 countries 50% of them Gypsies and a triple live cd recorded over the 9 days.

Done only with the help of Monika and Kevin and me - a mammoth risk and task that we undertook becasue we believed in Gypsy Swing and the amazing musicians of that genre.

This post is not about being angry its about honesty and loyalty to those people and places who have always supported this genre when others turned away..and would no entertain hosting such music.

In case people have forgotten - Ian Cruickshank who did so much for this genre before me and along with a few other people who cared, made the Gypsies and their music accessible to UK audiences and no it was not about money and never has been, its about passion, love of the music and support of Gypsy culture and those who play a genre created by Django a musician so unique because - he was a Gypsy - he could not read or write and was disabled, a positive example for so many globally.
Thanks to all our Patrons and regular musicians
Keep live music Live
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