Gonzalo Bergara - Gypsy Jazz Masterclass - Limited Tickets a

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Gonzalo Bergara - Gypsy Jazz Masterclass - Limited Tickets a

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Sunday day 11 November workshop Gonzalo Bergara
I don’t think there is a guitarist who plays Gypsy Jazz in UK who doesn’t know Gonzalo Bergara! If there is, Fine! It’s time to meet him: you will be amazed by his unique style and technic.
To understand what I mean you only need to book your Masterclass with this incredible artist and if you want to be shaken by his vibrant sound we suggest you also book a concert ticket Sun 11 Nov or Sun 2 Dec .
Gonzalo Bergara has emerged as virtuoso composer and lead guitarist, mixing a cascade of arpeggios with the sounds of Paris and his native Argentina, to forge his own style of progressive and modern Gypsy Jazz.
"Gonzalo Bergara’s music exists in a way that very little music does. He has lavished such care on every phrase, built each arrangement with such lapidary precision and pared away anything extraneous, the music becomes sculpture. It has weight, density, gravity. This is serious….and deeply moving."
Guitar Player Magazine and Vintage Guitar Magazine
https://www.quecumbar.co.uk/events/7645 ... 29de397a8b

Concert tickets for sale Sunday 11 Nov and 2 Dec
Direct from Argentina, European audiences are set to be thrilled this autumn, as Argentinian guitar virtuoso Gonzalo Bergara hits our shores with his unique concept show - “Django Meets Piazzolla” two musical styles, two cultures, and two different ways of expressing music.
This passionate and explosive musical experience takes the Hot Club Gypsy Jazz sound of the legendary Django Reinhardt and fuses it with the harmonic legacy of renowned Argentinian Nuevo Tango Composer Astor Piazzolla.
Bergara's original compositions and arrangements interpreted by his lightening-fast hands - the result, a truly original and spectacular musical style and performance.
Gonzalo Bergara is one of Argentina’s most renowned virtuoso lead guitarists and composers. He has emerged in the last ten years as a significant talent, merging the passionate sounds of his home country with the Gypsy swing sounds of 1930s Paris. Harmonically unique and artistically breathtaking, his music has already taken Argentina and USA by storm, and is set to do the same in Europe.
For this unique European tour celebrating the music of Django and Piazzolla, Gonzalo Bergara will be joined by three of some of the most sought after and accomplished jazz talents in the UK and including his brother Maki Bergara on cajon. : Andrea Todesco - rhythm guitar, Matt Holborn - on violin, Pete Thomas - double bass.
This show will perform in multiple venues in four countries, each night of the tour will be a unique experience, due to the spontaneous style of the music, rich with improvisations, energy and passion.
This European tour starts in London 11th November and ends in London 2nd December 2018.
This is a show not to be missed!

PS. We do encourage our guests to enjoy a full experience with music, food and drink on offer in the venue. It is thanks to our food and drink revenues that we are able to consistently book world class artists in intimate venues and keep the Live Music "Alive" - Thanks for understand our policy about a minimum spend on food and drinks, we reserve the right to charge a minimum spend of £25pp
You do not need to book a table to eat it is automatic with ticket purchase
Thanks to all our Patrons and regular musicians
Keep live music Live
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