whe-kwe safaris

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whe-kwe safaris

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well, I'm going to get married in 11th of October, then some other plans, plus small trip or voyage and, finally, somewhere near Feburary'09 there will be a lot of time.. Yup. just kidding; i'll fin
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By the way this guy can really play, those of you state side beware
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Kruno - IS incredible. A friend lent me his CD and it's one of the freshest new gypsy-jazz recordings that I've heard. Full of suprises around every corner, not a repeat of gypsy-jazz cliche which one can get used to hearing and a nice blend of jazz, gypsy-jazz, Balkan folk tunes(?) and is that a cymbolim on Minor Swing, which makes that the funnest version of that tune that I've heard in a while! Great CD! Can't wait to see Kruno at Django Fest North West at end of Sept.


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