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New Gadjojazz CD

Posted: Sun May 23, 2010 4:28 pm
by Gadjo
Just thought I would share with you the fact we have just boxed off a quick 'live' CD for the upcoming festival gig market.
The band is now a trio with Chris playing his Phonofiddle more, me on purely nylon strings (a flamenco guitar) and Greg on fretless bass guitar. I haven't touched the steel string Selmer stuff for ages.

We got Billy Thompson around to Chris's house and recorded the CD in the afternoon, live and no overdubs or fixing. Billy even joined in for a couple of tracks.

The thinking behind this simplistic approach is that people buy on the CD what they hear on the gig (assuming they want to I add!!). The other view is we have left it too late for a big production.

Some tracks on our myspace

See you all at Samois. Chris and I will be there a least a week before the festival starts.