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Getting into third position!

Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:47 am
by polkat
I've been studying swing and gypsy jazz for a few years now (since I started violin seriously). I read music okay, and have reached what I'll call early intermediate level. Yet I still play about 90% in first position, only going to third position to reach high notes on the E string. I seem to have a problem reading in third, as my fingers have learned first position by rote at this point, and they want to do the same motions in third. I can force myself very slowly to play tunes written just in third, but I can't develope any speed at it, and improvising in third is, well.... At my age, I will probably never bother with 2nd. or 4th or beyond, but I think third is rather mandatory in this style of music.

So of you better players out there, what materials helped you when you started learning third?