IGGF 2008 featuring Stochelo Rosenberg

UK Gypsy Jazz performances or meetings

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Post by Caballero »

I've spoken to him and there is going to be one, July, usual stuff. Can't remember the date he said.
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Teddy Dupont
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Caballero wrote: Can't remember the date he said.
What did I say about your early signs of senilty? :D

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Teddy Dupont wrote:
Caballero wrote: Can't remember the date he said.
What did I say about your early signs of senilty? :D
See what I mean about Django's World, Theodore?
Take a look at the site: Forderer Guitar Collection
and take a look at item #35
a 1935 Julian Gomez Ramirez made for Mario Maccaferri himself!!!
Has everything to do with everything.
I would have thought that this would be a guitar that Django would have chosen (and previous posts will show that I was not so far out of the cricket field!) but again it shows what Django and Ida Presti had to talk about as friends.

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Bet'cha didn't know!
Where is Ted Gottsegen when you need him?
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Post by Rene »

Well that's good news Caballero, now if we can only get the date off Stuart I'll be happy. My summer is full of gigs so I sure hope I can get there again.
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Post by neill »

Does anyone know the dates for this years festival yet then? I've got alot going on at the end of July too - but I'm really hoping to go again this year..
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Post by C-S »

I've been dragged out of the cardboard box (that I share with my pet tortoise called Jeffrey) that I sleep in throughout the winter months to share some details of this years festival.
Its going to be on the 24th - 26th July. just for future information its always the last full weekend in July and my aim is to at least get to the big 10 years before I think about hanging up my portaloo cleaning gloves and matching scraper!
The line-up is still under wraps but it is looking like another crazy year in the making.
I can release my latest organisational suicide bid called Gypsy Idol! I'm guessing that you already have a good idea of the plot that is based on a popular TV show that's shown throughout the Galaxy. We have a panel of Celebrity judges, 10 acts in the running with just 2 numbers each to impress the voting audience and Judges. They are bidding to win a cash prize and a paid spot at the 10th IGGF and a possible mystery star prize that I am in negotiations for as we speak.
If you are in or know of a band (Professional or otherwise) that would like to participate please send your information to me at stuart@iggf.co.uk. don't worry there is not going to be the standard format of nasty judge unaware judge and hottie :-( but there will be some world class musicians (not just guitarists) and someone representing the music industry and myself to give constructive suggestions and advice.
The event will be held on Sunday of the festival and we are already expecting quite a bit of media attention.


Every year we get many enquiries for possible performance slots at the festival, because of the limited number of acts that we can book there are only a very small number that get an opportunity to perform. This often means that some great new/overlooked talent gets missed in the program. This year we are giving a chance to all bands from duo upwards to:-

a. perform their 2 best numbers from their repertoire and get exposure throughout the GJ community

b. get instant constructive advice to your band/repertoire/sound

c. win the big cash prize TBA

d. confirm a paid slot on the main stage of the 10th anniversary IGGF next year.

There will be 10 finalists that will perform at the live stage on 26th July 2009.

We will need to confirm all the applicants in advance including their 2 chosen numbers and stage maps.

Please email me for more information and to submit your application for consideration. info/application
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