Do you want to play at IGGF 10th anniversary? Last chance!

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Do you want to play at IGGF 10th anniversary? Last chance!

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Im down to my last 3 places in the Gypsy Idol competition on the 26th July (the last day of the IGGF). There is a cash prize plus a paid spot at next years 10th anniversary IGGF festival plus a full days recording in one of the countries top recording studios including a producer and all the trimmings.
Please send me an email if you are interested. No band is too big or small and its open to Pro or amateur bands. This is a great chance to win a slot at IGGF 2010. its going to be a big one!!!
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When I was watching "Britain's Got Talent" the other night I thought I glimpsed Ben Holder (young Brit violinist) warming up with his band amongst the auditionees. Does anyone know how it went for him?
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Dunno, but he plays in Nottingham a lot, so i'll ask him next time i see him or one of the band.
On a similar note, Their ('Djangology')guitarist Richard Smith (not to be confused with Country/Jazz guitarist of the same name) is a nice player, sometimes overlooked by being in Ben's shadow, & by the fact that he's an incredibly humble person who doesn't push himself into the limelight.
He plays his own way as well, not all the usual stuff. (See the big discussion elsewhere) :wink:
'Djangology' mostly play in the East Midlands, but they do get around a bit, so if you ever see the name, they're worth checking out.
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