oldie newbie needs advice

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oldie newbie needs advice

Post by cozameleg »

My husband has been a lifelong Django fan and knew Joseph Reinhardt.

He is now 75 and we would love to go to Samois in 2011.I have emailed both the campsite and the travel agent mentioned elsewhere, but have not had a reply.

Can you please advise me on finding somewhere to stay that is as close to possible to the 'action'. I am trying to book asap as it is obviously an important event!

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patrus le sommelier
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Post by patrus le sommelier »

why not in a old gypsy caravan in the forest of Bois-le-Roi, it's very close from Samois

http://www.gites-de-france.com/gites/sm ... APMAX=none

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Oldie Newbie

Post by crookedpinky »

Hi there - a caravan in the woods would be good but I'm guessing a little more comfort is required. PM me with your contact details and I'll have a chat with you. Or do a search over at Djangobooks - tehre's loads of Q&As about going to Samois on that discussion forum

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Re: oldie newbie needs advice

Post by deuxdoigtsgauches »

Hi, when you say near the action, do you mean near the festival itself or near the 2 main campsites where people bring their instruments to the festival and play all day and night?

If you want to camp, or take a caravan / campervan; there's 2 main campsites for Samois, both about 2-3 miles away from the Ile de Berceau in Samois which is an island in the middle of the River Seinne which the festival is held on(there's no camping at the festival itself because there physically isn't room on the island, just in the campsites nearby).

Camping Petit Barbeau - (0)1 64 23 89 81 atouvert.samois@wanadoo.fr This one's in a forest next to the river and quite nice. PLenty of shade and lots of people jamming, showers, a few beers and ice creams to buy in the reception and they will get bread and croissants for you if you order them the previous day.

Camping Municipal de Samoreau - 0164237225 Nice site by the river about 3 miles along the river from Samois, not as much shade, but they have a bar/restaurant and also a lot of people playing, There are other campsites nearby, but these are the only two really where people will be playing so they lack a lot of the atmosphere of the festival.

If you don't want to camp there's a hotel in Samois called the 'Hotel Country Club Samois-sur-Seinne' which is the only one in Samois as far as I know, which is next to the river about 5 minutes walk from the festival (http://www.hotel-country-club-samois.federal-hotel.com/). Also these two in Fontainebleau (10 minutes drive away, but not much atmosphere)

- Hôtel Ibis : 18, rue de Ferrare - 77300 Fontainebleau / Tél : +33 (0)1 64 23 45 25 - Fax : +33 (0)1 64 23 42 22, www.ibishotel.com

- Hôtel Napoléon : 9, rue Grande - 77300 Fontainebleau : +33 (0)1 60 39 50 50 - Fax : +33 (0)1 64 22 20 87, www.naposite.com

There's a couple of numbers addresses here which might be worth a try, as there are some apartments for short term let during the festival, gites, B & B's etc, but I'm pretty in the dark on this as I've only ever camped personally.

- Seine and Marne Tourism Cimittee : Tourisme 77 - 11 rue Royale 77300 Fontainebleau
- Accommodation reservation centre : +33 (0)1 60 39 60 54 / gites@tourisme77.fr / www.gites-seine-et-marne.com

Any problems, or anything you want to work out specifically drop me a PM or email barrythetreeman@yahoo.co.uk
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Re: oldie newbie needs advice

Post by samois »

Just sending this out to my friends from last year and wondered whether a room in our house might fit the bill...

This is a first call for all the jazz fans hitting the Samois festival this year! We have a lovely house with rooms to rent and a big garden for camping which is really close to where the festival takes place (easy walking/staggering distance). Last year we had half a dozen tents and a houseful of friendly types - enjoyed it so much we'll be doing it all again this year! Rooms are €50-€80 a night, camping €30 pp, + €5 for breakfast, if you are up before lunchtime!
Last year's lot are happy to recommend - top camping space reserved for RIMM! Like to know more/see photos?
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