Thought on DG-300 John Jorgenson model?

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Re: Thought on DG-300 John Jorgenson model?

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I've got a Jorgenson for about 6 months already.

Lucky me, got it on Amazon for Euro 700 cause seems like the previous owner didn't know how to install and set the bridge. (it was all in their original packaging, untouched)

I did some research on the GItane models and while the DG-350M catched my eyes I went for the Jorgenson, then looking for it I suddenly found it at 700 one day.

I decided for it because it is the classic design + few improvements/requests from Jorgenson. Most noticeably the compensated bridge, which has a "Z" kinda shape to it instead of the classic "stairway" bridge. This was important for me as I learned how to intonate my guitars and either electric or accoustic always benefit from the same saddle distance position arrangement (double stairway)

Results: After setting up the bridge in the right position the intonation was surprisingly outstanding, I'd say -+1 comma when testing with a strobe tuner. That was a very pleasant surprise.

The build is very strong, it has a double tortoise body top/bottom shape. The neck is thin enough, kinda bit squarish, no problem smoothly playing between busy chords. Feels great while soloing.

It's tone, specially with 11s is very pleasant. Argentine 11s sound very nice, Pyramid nickel flatwound 11s sounds superb (currently using that, use nickel, they have an overall tension of 132.3lbs)

And boy, it can sound loud!

Tip: I found the square plastic bit on the string retention system at the bridge was rattling like hell...and they honestly look cheap: What I did was to remove it and cut some wine color foam/velvet fabric (like the cushion on ring boxes) that came with my shadow system box as protection and place that behind the hole, so when I put the strings the foam prevented any rattling and the empty rectangle where the plastic piece was is nicely covered with the wine color fabric.
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