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Boost Pedal

Post by Jono »

Just on the off-chance that there is someone listening who doesn't want to sell me a kitchen, I thought I'd throw this out into the tumbleweed-strewn wilderness...

Has anyone had any success using a boost pedal for solos? I'm using a Gitane with a Bigtone pickup going into either an AER Compact 60 or the PA via a Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum Preamp/EQ/DI.

I know this is anathema to some as it goes against the whole acoustic, camp-fire thing, but once we're at pub-noise levels I keep thinking my rhythm sound is a little harsh when I've set up to get the best sound I can for solos. I notice this slightly more through the Fishman/PA than through the AER though. I know some people who've had reasonable results with a Boss EQ pedal, either setting it up to boost for solos or to attenuate for rhythm.

I was also thinking more about this lately having just seen Hot Club of Cowtown again. On a previous tour Whit Smith used a T-Rex Moller as a clean(ish) boost for solos, but I was told he'd changed to something else - does anyone know what (he couldn't remember what it was when I asked him)? He uses a more electric sound, but I'm also thinking this might be an approach when I use an archtop I've just bought with a P90 installed, going into a small valve amp. I'd be less worried about the inevitable increase in valve-type break-up with that set-up but would still want the boost to be as clean as possible.
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