hodson guitar - 503 "A" model

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hodson guitar - 503 "A" model

Post by punknellis »

Hello everyone,
do any of you guys know how the hodson guitar model 503 "A" (the more affordable version of the more expensive 503 model) compares to the actual pricy model that he offers? How does it fare as a selmer replica in general? is it worth dishing out the dough?

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Post by Gadjo »

Prior to the Chinese instruments being available David made the 503A as an affordable Selmer type guitar. Everything was built by (his) hand and had a solid top but costs were saved with the finishing (he used a clear matt varnish to save all the polishing) and most had flat fingerboards - not my favourite cost saving.
Like most things try it first and see what you think. The only thing certain is he won't be making anymore. What his recent death does to the value of the good guitars out there with his name on can only be guessed at.
I know of at least three guitars (two of which I owned) that are total gems. They look funky but sound sublime. Not all the best guitars have the highest specifications so don't let the 'entry level' tag put you off.
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Post by frater »

An enthusiastic review of a Hodson 503 D-hole has just appeared on Guitarist Acoustic. Max Robin is a quite picky guy when it comes to gypsy guitars, plus he's french... hope David managed to read that.
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Post by punknellis »

does anyone have a used hodson for sale? or a manouche jazz modele? if so email me at punknellis@hotmail.com
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hodson guitar 503 "A" model

Post by AdrianEn »

Hello Bal0

I would advise to try the guitar before buying it..... Guitars of the same model of the same manufacturer sound different.

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