Venues will be lost musicians will lose places to play - Act

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Venues will be lost musicians will lose places to play - Act

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Attention customers, live music fans and all our talented MUSICIANS!

Save Our Venues
at - instagram #saveourvenues

The Music Venue Trust campaign "Save our Venues" is where musicians can adopt a venue in crisis, that means something special to them, at “Save a Venue” map on the artists tab and they can find tools/guidance to do this, they can direct audiences to their live stream whilst supporting #saveourvenues via social media platforms raising money with an ‘at home’ live stream performance signposting to
where donations for their chosen venue can be made.

Each venue has a crowd funding page and target to enable staying afloat through lockdown, excess revenue generated over target goes to other grassroots music venues in crisis. As part of this MVT national initiative #saveourvenues and with their help we have set up:

Le QuecumBar, Crowdfunder page ... 85a72c0195

Le QuecumBar has hosted over 17,500 musicians and over 200,000 customers in 17 years of great live music, mood, wine and food..

Le QuecumBar has much great music planned for the future but currently the future is grim, music venues and musicians work is in serious jeopardy and for many of us the future hangs by a thread...

Please use all the social media tools you have to pass the word and effort to help the campaign #saveourvenues, aimed at artists, music fans and the wider music industry aiming to raise both money and awareness.

Remember to use the hashtag #saveourvenues everywhere

Remember once venues are gone they are gone - where will musicians play ? live music is food for the soul and the world would be a sadder place without it - let remember whats really important - health and happiness and music brings so much happiness to so many

Thank you
Thanks to all our Patrons and regular musicians
Keep live music Live
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