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Post by neill »

one thing i've often wondered when i see pictures like this is, if the instruments are truly unamplified, is it really loud enough - or were people quiet with respect to the music? i just know from experience of playing completely acoustic in a small restaurant, playing as loud as my dupont will go - its not enough to cut through 30 or 40 noisy diners! ( if i know its gonna be really busy i'll take my amp) i realise drums, accordions, wind instruments etc will cut through much more - just wondered if people tended to actually listen more in those days?
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Post by Brett »

neill wrote:..- just wondered if people tended to actually listen more in those days?
I think they did. They went out to be entertained and would listen out of courtesy.
Today, a large part of any non theatre audience have no soul and treat musicians as if they're wallpaper.
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generally speaking people(in the Uk anyway)don't know how to listen anymore-its amazing how quiet these guitars become when theres a room full of noisy punters and/or dodgy fiddle\accordion players
There are exceptions however--played the Vortex club last night to a packed young crowd who clapped every solo and really listened--thats a rare occurence however and of course we were amplified.
I sometimes wonder whether the reason Django no showed for so many gigs was because he couldn't hear himself-as soon as he had the chance to plug in he did so--and his playing style changed to suit the amplified sound--less straight four to the bar comping for example
-When your competing against the much louder violin it can be incredibly frustrating.
It can be really damaging for your technique as well--we all know that feeling of 'digging in' and tenseing up when we're battling to make ourselves heard.
I think theres too much emphasis on playing loud in this music.The danger is you play through the sound and kill the tone.
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