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#saveourvenues Aurelien offers FREE lessons by SKYPE

Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 8:17 pm
by quecumbar
Lesson in Gypsy Jazz in exchange for a donation to Le QuecumBar #saveourvenues crowd funder page ... 85a72c0195

French Gypsy Aurélien Bouly is our long time friend and Le QuecumBar Patron.
He is kindly offering free Gypsy Jazz guitar lessons in exchange for a donation to the Le Q Crowdfunding page!

If you aren't familiar with Aurélien, please check out his stuff online.
Here is his you tube link ... S-Eb4Dhmfw

At Le Q live

One of his tutoring videos

From Aurelien

I can give free English Gypsy Jazz lessons by skype for students who want it.
I can do different parts :
-for beginner
-Gypsy picking (right hand and the left too)
-Gypsy thinking
-questions and answers
-How to play a melody
-Gypsy Jazz harmony's rules

In return you can donate to Le QuecumBar crowd funding page
If you are interrested:

The Le QuecumBar - crowdfunding link: ... 85a72c0195

Please share this with your Gypsy Jazz loving friends. Thank you Aurelien!