A Life In The Jazz Century-some observations.

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A Life In The Jazz Century-some observations.

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This is a great DVD about Stephane's life, although better then half of the archive footage was out of sync between the audio and video. I worked in video for years and once committed to a digital format, this would have been an easy fix. So I suspect damage of the original audio making a repair unlikely.

Anyway, can anyone comment on the following: Apparently Stephane never used a shoulder rest at all. Probably not available when he started, or he couldn't afford one and got used to it, or didn't like them, but he did hold the instrument at quite an angle probably because of it.

He used a mute quite often, when in concert and when recording. I have found that mutes change not only the volume but the tone as well, often bringing out more richness in cheaper violins or violins of questionable tone. Wonder if thats why he used it?

He did a number of concerts in California in the 80's with the David Grisman quintet, and even the great jazz guitarist Joe Pass, which went unmentioned. These didn't constitute much time in his career, but I photographed some of them and was dissappointed that they weren't covered.

What did other fiddlers think of this DVD?
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