Music style that can give a start on playing Django's way.

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Music style that can give a start on playing Django's way.

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Well no one can be DJANGO; no one should try to be another artist, unless only if you are a 'Tribute Band' or 'Tribute soloist' as in copying 'Kiss' or 'Hank Williams', touring/club stuff. I get influenced by many. I love Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal, but I gather their bits of riffs, to phases and even whole compsoitions, but I never try to be them; why would I; too many blackblues guys stuff I pick up and I mesh it together and in the end it comes out as me -'Vesa'.
Now what I meant to get to was if you want to play like Django, well there's lots of practise. The genres or music styles that can help get one understanding and finding the Django styling phrasing quicker, and better is knowing bluegrass music/scales, surprisingly, but you may need folk, blues & then some jazz really helps; the more scales you know helps in these making you be you & sound close to his style. Take care. - Vesa
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