Chords with two fingers and a thumb

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Chords with two fingers and a thumb

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I'm a newbie here. I live in a remote town in the Great Dividing Range, Down Under. I thought I'd share my experience trying to play full chords with two fingers and a thumb. I taped my third and fourth finger to my hand with gaffa tape then started listening to Django and tried to emulate the chords he played. It was very difficult but with patience I got some of them ok, most of them were beyond me. After trying this many times, I then untaped my fingers and found I had more Django-esque chords in my armoury which I use excessively when playing GJ style music. The bonus - I've still got all my fingers so I can play 6ths and 9ths and maj.7ths and a few other chords which I emulated with two fingers and a thumb or my whole hand in the more conventional fingering. It was worth the effort. Have fun with yer gaffa. Django RULES OK!.... :)
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