7/29, 8/2 8/7 shows in Boston

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7/29, 8/2 8/7 shows in Boston

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Hello Everyone,
You are cordially invited to come out to one or more of our upcoming shows.

For July and August
Sunday July, 29 2007
8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
With The Boston Babydolls
The Paradise Lounge
969 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Cost: $10, $8 in retro attire (that means 1920s,30s,40s)

We?re very excited to be joining the Boston Babydolls for a step back in time; musically and burlesque-ly (yeah I know it?s not a word ;)
We?re going to have out bigger group with two singers, violin, clarinet/sax/flute, accordion, steel guitar, guitar and bass. This is a must see as our sexy singers will be putting on a real show! These girls are SIZZLING and us musician types ain?t half bad either!

What the Boston Babydolls say:
We go back to our roots with July's edition of The Dollhouse (Sunday, July 29, 8 p.m.). The moan of the sax, the groan of the trumpet, the shivering crash of the cymbals! The bumps! The grinds! The glitz and glamour! The Boston Babydolls are proud to present a tribute to original, classic burlesque!

The spirits of Ann Corio, Gypsy Rose Lee, Lili St. Cyr, and all the dancers from Boston's Old Howard Theater will be coming down from heaven for one night to see Boston Burlesque in all its glory. When our glamour gals aren't dancing up a storm, Herr Alaric will be playing all your favorite tunes to set your toes a-tappin' and your fingers a-snappin'. Dress in your sharpest attire, grab your best gal, and jump in your Rolls Royce for a living history lesson you won't soon forget!
Thursday August 2, 2007
11:00pm to 2:00am
711 Underground Bistro and Sushi Bar
711 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
Cost : Gratis. Get drinks and food. Enjoy!

We get the whole evening eer late evening for this one. You will hear a variety of music as you enjoy a drink or maki roll. Good food, good drinks, and good music. Who could complain?!
Tuesday August 7, 2007
Doors open at 9pm
Music is 9:30pm- 12:30pm
With Sinti Rhythm
The Bulfinch Yacht Club
234 Friend St.
Boston, MA 02114
Cost: $8
We are hosting this night with Sinti Rhythm opening for us. We will each play a set and then combine for a spectacular, fantabulous, Jam-STRAVAGANZA.

We encourage you to come out and hop a lindy or swing a ding those feet! In other words dancing is welcome.

About Sinti Rhythm:
Formed in the Fall of 2005 during a series of impromptu jam sessions, Sinti Rhythm plays infectious swing music inspired by Django Reinhardt and the Sinti musicians of Europe. Sinti Rhythm's repertoire is based on Jazz standards from the Great American Songbook, compositions by Django himself, and a growing number of originals by the band.

Dates are already being booked all the way up to December so keep an eye out for us!

We will be recording all these shows and editing them towards our live EP. So be there, get heard (i.e. be ?swingingly? LOUD!!) and you just may be on our forthcoming CD. Don?t forget to get your friends and family to sign up for our mailing list too!
As always you can and should check out my group's MySpace page for news, new show dates and special musical treats!


If you love this old music and believe that live music is crucial to our culture, come out to these shows and show your support.
We look forward to seeing you at one of our musical adventures tap, tap tappin' your toes to the swing a ding, ding ;)!

23 Skidoo!!
-Adriel J

For you memory refreshment or if you?re scratching your head going; ?who are these odd people??:

Adriel Azure and his Dream Indigo Orchestra are an all acoustic period group that performs both vocal and instrumental music. Their styles span the time period of the 1900 to the late 1940s. This is jazz as well as other related nostalgia styles (hot and gypsy jazz tango, delta and jump blues, swing, bigband, latin, dixieland, klezmer, Hawaiian, Italian, French, cabaret, etc.)
Imagine the atmosphere of a speakeasy, the roaring 20s or a vaudeville theater. Their instrumentation is varied and their goal is the authenticity of putting on a show. Equally at home in a burlesque, vaudeville or wholesome family event. Musical and show content are tooled towards a venue and an audience's makeup. Members of the group have been involved in many different projects, tours, films, etc. All are professionally educated and experienced. They came together in a shared love for the nostalgia, comedy and style of the musical era they draw from. They are also bringing the nostalgia genre in to the present by composing new songs with the old styles as a guide.

"I greatly enjoyed your band!"
~Rick Foster, columnist for the Taunton Gazette (Taunton, MA) and The Attleboro Sun Chronicle (Attleboro, MA)

"What a great sound. You're the cat's pajamas."
~Ms. Moonshine, ukulele genius and chanteuse.

"You guys sound great! Fire up the way back machine!!!"
~Chuck of Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
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