Tim Kliphuis DVD's?

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Gmajor wrote:Good point well made about the plectrum not enough said about this subject.I've tried the Wilton pick well crafted and nice in the hand but it makes your fingers swell up like sausages I think some reaction who know's.the dunlop pick big stubby i use.
well I m not criticizng those picks, i've never tried them... i'm simply using the same logic as him... i will post more tonight...

i am not trying to attack anyone or insult anyone but i simply had to defend the pricing for the DVDs...

like i said, we spent so much time on the content.... i believe there is nothing in the market like the violin dvds that we produced, we checked out the other videos out there and the books... some were good some were misleading (superficial information, wrong information).... the best one out there is didier lockwood's book... but it's in french, and it's a book, video demonstrations would help a lot.... the tim kliphuis dvds are extremely extremely dense and are basically a video version of didier's book but more on the grappelli style... We really did our homework before doing this

tell me what other violin dvd covers practically everything from A to Z:

jazz violin bowings and all its variations
tone production
jazz vibrato
interpreting melodies
how to improvise on all chords
how to improvise on all the most important chord changes
grappelli licks
grappelli style harmonics
grappelli double stops
etc.. etc... etc....

here's just a list of topics on the first DVD:

TECHNIQUE: Bow Position, Chain Bowing, Jazz Bowing, Timing Slides, Harmonics, Grappelli Harmonics, TONE: Variety of Tones, Jazz Tone, Ghost Notes, Slurred Ghost Notes, TIMING: Playing Behind the Beat, Playing Ahead of the Beat, Finding the Ideal Timing, Triplets, TASTE: Balance in Phrasing, Phrasing, Dynamics, Noise, LEARNING TUNES: Swing in Am, The 9th Note, Minor 6th, Dominant Chords, Blue Notes, Rhythm Changes, Licks, JAZZ CONCEPTS: Bluesy Licks, Syncopation, The Count-in, Trading Solos and more!

second DVD:

HARMONY: Dim Chord on V7, V7 Functions, Dim on Min Chord, Dim on Maj Chord, Diminished Scale, Augmented Chord, Ear Training, V7 Substitutions, CHORD PROGRESSIONS: II V I in Minor, IV IVm I VI II V I, IV #IVdim I VI II V I, Rhythm Changes Bridge, 4-Bar Dominant Chords, Rhythm Changes A Section, Implying Changes on Static Chord, MELODIES: Dark Eyes, Playing Melodically, TIMING: Starting After The Beat, Starting Before the Beat, Syncopation, TASTE: Shaping a Phrase, Dynamics, Gaps, Fast Blues, Ballads, Bossa Nova, SPECIAL EFFECTS.
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Ganondorf wrote:ONLY $139. Wtf!!! I am amazed at who these people think they are when they think they can demand all this amount of money for a dvd. Just because they think they have reinvented the feckin wheel and theres all these supposedly "secrets of the masters" in there. What a load of bollocks. GET WIT PROGRAM!!!!!! :D
While that might sound expensive at first, it's really just the opposite. With Kliphuis you're getting a world class player whose workshops might run $50US/hour. That rate would get you not even half of what's on these DVDs, and you'd be getting that in a room filled with other violinists. If you look at it that way, buying this set actually SAVES you over 50% of the cost of taking his workshops, and you get to rewind all those bits that went by too quickly the first time, instead of forgetting half of what you heard in a crowded and fast-paced workshop.

If Denis' guitar DVDs are any indication, this series will soon become the benchmark against which all other Gypsy Jazz Violin tuition will be measured--granted, there isn't much out there to compare it to, but that's exactly what makes this comprehensive set so groundbreaking. Instead of the get-rich-quick-schemes that are the norm in the world of tuition, his releases have always been in-depth studies that reward repeated viewing.

I doubt that anyone involved thinks they've "reinvented the feckin wheel," nor do I think they're demanding anything--in fact, it's a pretty generous offer, probably more generous than the Hollywood offerings it was compared to above (I don't imagine this will open on a thousand screens come weekend). I don't know the hourly rate for violin lessons these days, but it's hard to imagine you could get a teacher who has played with the best of the best (Angelo, Stochelo, Fapy, etc.) for the price on offer here.

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Just a few words to say that Tim is an excellent violinist absolutely able to play in the spirit and mood of the great Stephane Grappelli (just hear the cd "Roots" with the Rosenberg Trio for exemple) and he is also, according to the samples we have seen, a great teacher.

Some of the explanations given are interesting for violin of course but also for every musician that deals with improvisation.

In a word buy those DVD first and then go to find some violin to try it ...

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Okay. I'll give in and say that this one looks considerably better then most, and might be well worth it. I'll have to start saving up those loose nickels and dimes! Once you are retired and trying to live on SS alone, things look all that more expensive!
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