New Guitars at Samois

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New Guitars at Samois

Post by Djazznomad »

I have just completed two new guitars which I'll be taking to Samois this year. They are the first I've made in Spain 'El hogar de la guitarra!'


Soundboard: Cedar
Back, sides, neck and head veneer: Sycamore/Maple
Binding: Black Walnut
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Rosewood
Tailpiece: Nonis authentic Selmer reproduction,
Tuners: Schaller gold plated

Soundboard: Englemann Spruce
Back, sides and neck: Black Walnut
Head veneer: Figured English Walnut Root
Binding: Sycamore/Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Rosewood
Tailpiece: Nonis
Tuners: Schaller gold plated

Both guitars come with Argentine strings and Hiscox case.
I'm asking ?2500 per, though am open to negotiation with serious buyers.

I'll be staying at Petit Barbeau in the 'Royall Enclosure' from Wednesday 24th, ask for Pete Dalby. Come along and play them!

Any questions answered on this forum or email

Hasta pronto!
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Post by Caballero »

good shit too! Although I've become an Aylward whore once again, up until two weeks ago, I've been playing one of Pete's guitars for nearly five years.
Did me reet proud. It's the one on the Lulu and Paulus stuff. and the,ahem, Bireli pic. Pete likes women with visible facial-hair. Once, when we going through the gates on to the island at Samois, I was chatting away to him merrily when I glanced to my side and saw that he wasn't there. I could see him back at the gate chatting up this French usherwoman. Imagine my surprise when I realised she could grow a better beard and moustache than I ever could. The 'tache and goatee combo she was sporting was giving him a promising woody.
Damn fine guitars.
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Post by Captain Swing »

That bottom one is Paul Nice's guitar isn't it? :wink: :lol:
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