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Gypsy Jazz/Swing Jam Session SW London

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Hi, we welcome you to an open jam for musicians who play Gypsy Jazz and Swing music. This evening has been picking up nicely over the past few weeks. Come down and enjoy a relaxed, fun night of music at one of Clapham's best pubs.

All performers & non-performers welcome.

----Please note: We will be taking a week off next week----

Every Wednesday from 8:30
Bread & Roses
68 Clapham Manor Street
Greater London

-------The Set Up-------
We play completely acoustic - the pub is a great sounding room and it's wonderful to play this way.

The type of repertoire we play is centered around '30s jazz and gypsy swing - if you've ever been to the Quecumbar on a Tuesday, you'll know the kind of rep, though it's not purist by any means, and we've had a cool blend of different instruments, not just guitar players....

Finally, all musos and audience members are very welcome, so feel free to let friends know. It's a fun vibe and a great acoustic to play in. Feel free to let me know if you fancy coming by - if not just pop in and bring your axe. Look forward to seeing you!
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Re: Gypsy Jazz/Swing Jam Session SW London

Post by christianm77 »

Hi everyone - I'm thinking of restarting this event, with a gypsy jazz/swing workshop before hand. Before I do this I need an idea of numbers though to see if it's going to be popular enough to justify putting it on. Here are the details of what I have in mind:

I could run this on a Sunday. Or I could do it on a weekday night, timings are based on that:

We'd probably charge around £10 for the workshop with the guest, and this would run for an hour or so. Perhaps - 6:30-8:30 or 7-9
There would then be a 45 minute set by a house band + guest (free entry for punters) from 9:15-10:00
Then there would be a 45m-1 hr jam from 10:00 - 11:00

At a rough estimate, we would need around 20+ attendees or perhaps a contribution from the bar to subsidise the gig, but if we got 20+ through the door, I think the bar would be OK with it.

It would be easiest to do this in SW London for me.

It would be good to focus on a specific area each week - rhythm playing say, soloing over changes, technique, learning repertoire, etc.

I'm considering making it non guitar specific as I also know a lot of violinists etc who are interested in learning about this music, so some weeks the guest could be a violinist, or if it picks up enough we could have a couple of guest tutors.

Feedback on timings, pricings and everything else very welcome.

Tutors would potentially include; Gary Potter, John Wheatcroft etc.

If this event interests you, please PM me.
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