Workshop at the IGGF Festival, Gossington UK

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Workshop at the IGGF Festival, Gossington UK

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I will be giving a workshop along with Martin Limberger at the IGGF festival in Gossington UK on Saturday 27th July at 12pm. Here's the blurb from the festival website:

This year we have an exciting opportunity for guitarists to learn more about this style. We have one of the countries finest Gypsy Jazz tutors/players and one of the worlds best rhythm players to guide your technique and understanding.

Tim Robinson Lead
Martin Limberger Rhythm

This will be a pre bookable class on a first come first serve basis. The classes will be held with an option to switch half way through the lesson from Lead to Rhythm to take full advantage of these great players knowledge.

Saturday 27th July 12-1.30pm (1.5 hour)
Gypsy Jazz guitar workshop run by Tim Robinson and Martin Limberger

"Melodic Motifs in Gypsy Jazz - building blocks for improvisation" Tim Robinson

“Gypsy Rhythm from the inside” Martin Limberger

Do you find you learn a lot of cool licks and tricks but never seem to be able to play them in a real life jamming environment? Do you want to become a more fluent soloist? If you do this is for you!

In this workshop Tim will be discussing the use of melodic motifs - small fragments of melody - that can be used to build confidence and coherence in your solo playing. He has identified many of the common motifs found in gypsy jazz and will be showing you where they occur on the guitar neck and over which chords. He will also discuss the ways to use them in a real life improvising situation by giving examples of the ways they are approached both melodically and rhythmically allowing the player to use them in a variety of situations.

All the examples will be written out in both notation and tab with fingering and picking suggestions where necessary. There will also be an mp3 of Tim playing all the examples available, all you need to do is give your email address at the end of the session and you will be emailed the link (no spam will follow!)

Price £10
Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. ... asses.html
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