Soloing over V7/V7/II

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Soloing over V7/V7/II

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Hello guys. Let´s put as example All of me.

First Bars / C / C / E7 / E7 / A7 / A7 / Dm7 / Dm7 /

Over that E7, I was taught to play E7 Mixolidian, since it goes to a major chord. But everybody seems to agree in playing E7b9b13. How is that? Is it because the chord is on weak bars? One teacher told me that. Next time an E7 appears is on strong bars going to a minor chord. I´m not sure if the harmonic rhythm is so important in this case.

I learnt that Mixob9b13 is for dominant chords going to minor chords. Particulary VIm or IIIm chords. Over V7/II would be the Mixob13.
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Re: Soloing over V7/V7/II

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E7 is a secondary dominant in the key of C.
In C major the third degree is Em7 = E G B D.
This Em becomes E7 if the third is sharpened; E7 = E G# B D. Here if the ninth is taken which is F - a flat 9.
If you were to play on Em7 you would play the phyrigian mode E F G A B C D E.
When Em7 becomes E7 your sharpen the note G to G# and here is mixolydian b9b13: E F G# A B C D E.

Or you can also think it as;

E7b9 in the key of C can be used for modulating to Am. It is the fifth of Am.
And A harmonic minor is: A B C D E F G# A.
And E7 uses the fifth mode which is mixolydian b9b13: E F G# A B C D E.
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