Slower pieces in GJ-style

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Slower pieces in GJ-style

Post by MoonLimit »

Hi folks,

First time 'round here; long-time blues, folk, singer-songwriter player just discovered Manouche. Good to see the amount of communities and helpful people scattered about the web.

So I'm just starting to build a repertoire of some of the most played GJ-pieces, but I must confess a love for slower and/or 3/4-time pieces in that style.
Angelo Debarre has a few that I know of; 'Maneges' and 'Coeur de Bois' (former on YouTube, latter on Grooveshark).
Does anyone have any suggestions to pieces with a similar feel I could learn and study? It'd be much appreciated.

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Re: Slower pieces in GJ-style

Post by harrye »

Some common ballads in gypsy jazz include:

Si tu savais
Manoir des mes reves (Django's Castle)
Clair de lune (Django composition, not the Debussy one)
Danse Norvegienne

There are many others, but those are a good starting point, none in 3/4 thought I'm afraid. Perhaps check out Django's 'Chez Jacquet' for a nice relaxed waltz :)
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