Gypsy Jazz Arpeggio e-Book: 151 Pages - 500+ Arps - All Keys

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Gypsy Jazz Arpeggio e-Book: 151 Pages - 500+ Arps - All Keys

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Hi all,

I wanted to let you know about a new downloadable gypsy jazz / Jazz Manouche resource I've just released. After months in production, the Gypsy Jazz Arpeggio e-Book is now available here: ... ggio-book/

Arpeggios are an essential part of gypsy jazz lead guitar vocabulary.

This is the most comprehensive collection of gypsy jazz arpeggios out there, and will hopefully be a useful tool for those wishing to take their study of gypsy jazz lead guitar further.

The Gypsy Jazz Arpeggio Book features:

- 151 pages of arpeggios in both TAB and standard notation.
- Over 500 notated arpeggios, covering all chord types.
- Arpeggios notated in all 12 keys.
- Fingering and picking directions for each shape.
- Each arpeggio type notated in both horizontal and vertical shapes.
- Each arpeggio type notate as both 6th and 5th string root shapes.

Please check out the link below to view several free sample pages from the book. ... ggio-book/

All the best and I hope you find this useful,

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